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What are the signs or symptoms of orthodontic problems?

Although it may be difficult for you to determine if orthodontic treatment is necessary, the following may help in prompting you to seek our orthodontic advice. Take a look at your (or your child’s teeth) teeth. If you see signs of crooked teeth, gaps between the teeth or overlapping teeth, orthodontic treatment may be necessary. Bite all the way down, but keep your lips open so you can see the teeth. Do the front teeth line up with the bottom? Do the top teeth protrude out away from the bottom teeth? Do the top front teeth cover more than 50% of the bottom teeth? Are the top teeth behind the bottom teeth? All these are indicators for potential orthodontic treatment. Look at your jaw alignment. Does the jaw shift off center during bitting down? If you see any misalignment or shifting of the jaw, it suggests a skeletal or jaw bone problem, which requires early orthodontic intervention. These are only some of the obvious symptoms of orthodontic problems.

Can everyone wear braces?

Braces are worn by both children, teens and adults, not only to improve the attractiveness of your smile, but also to correct improper alignment of teeth that can lead to gum disease and early loss of teeth.

Am I too old to get braces?

Adults of any age can benefit from braces as long as you have healthy teeth and supporting structures. Increasing numbers of adults are taking advantage of the lifelong benefits of orthodontics because it creates healthy and attractive smiles that last a lifetime.

How long do I have to wear braces?

Treatment time depends on your individual case. An average time is approximately 18-24 months. Your cooperation in keeping appointments, proper hygiene and following instructions may allow us to finish your orthodontic treatment early.

Will orthodontic treatment hurt?

Orthodontic treatment mechanics have advanced technologically over the last few years. Introduction of new high tech wires, smaller braces, innovative accessories and stress of preventive/interceptive treatments make today’s orthodontic treatment fairly comfortable. We do not use anesthetic injections for any of the procedures. As a rule, braces can cause a little discomfort initially until one gets used to them. Teeth can get a little sore a day after every adjustment appointment but they are not painful. This annoyance can be relieved easily with over-the-counter pain relievers, if needed. Most of our patients do not need to take any pain relievers.

What happens during my first visit to the office?

Your initial visit will give you an opportunity to meet the doctor and our knowledgeable team who will answer any questions you may have regarding orthodontic care. If braces are needed, a convenient appointment will be made for records and the placement of braces.

Is orthodontic care expensive? Do you have a payment plan?

We strive to make orthodontic treatment affordable and offer a variety of flexible payment plans. Please call our office today to set up a complimentary consultation and learn more about our payment plans and any other orthodontic treatment questions.

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